Logic Is Fundamental
High School Summer Camp
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Can I get credit for taking this summer course?
No. Attendance at Logic Is Fundamental won't translate into high school or college course credit. Your brain, however, will credit you for studying logic as it will definitely improve your work in school and your decision-making in life.

Will there be tests and will I be graded?
There will be exercises, but you will not be graded. This is summer camp, not summer school.

Can you cater to food restrictions or special dietary needs?
Yes, we can. You need only let us know so that we can make the appropriate arrangements with the university dining facilities.

Will campers be able to use the library and athletic facilities before, during, or after camp hours?

Will this program help me get into Stanford University?
Not directly. Participating in this summer camp doesn't guarantee admission to Stanford University. It is what you take from this experience and how it enhances your intellect and life that is important.

Must I attend every day of the program?
Yes. We've packed a lot of material into 10 days of camp, with each day's course materials, exercises, and extras building on what came before. Missing one day means missing out on the next step in the sequence of lessons we've devised especially for you as high school students.

If I withdraw part way through the program, do I get a refund?

What is the deadline to apply?
Admission to this camp is on a rolling basis with a cap of 24 students. Though we've established May 31 as the cutoff date for enrolling, you should know that we'll review applications as soon as they are filed, and will continue to review until we fill all the available places. That's why we encourage you to apply early and lessen the chance of being waitlisted.

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