Logic Olympiad
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Sample Test

The links below provide access to the problems on this test. Click a link to see the corresponding problem. As you answer each question associated with a problem, you will receive feedback on your answer. Click on Show Answer(s) to see the correct answer(s). Click on Reset answer(s) to start over.

Problem 1 - Evaluation (20 points)
Problem 2 - Satisfaction (20 points)
Problem 3 - Entailment (20 points)
Problem 4 - Suarez (20 points)
Problem 5 - Prisoners (20 points)

On the actual tests, you will not receive immediate feedback. Also, in place of the Show Answer(s) button, there will be a Submit button. You will need to click this button to send your solution to the testing system. Once the test is complete, you will be able to view your score and review your answers. You will also be able to see our solutions for the problems

Note that there is no time limit on this sample test. However, on the actual tests, you will have limited time (typically 75 minutes) from when you start the test.