Introduction to Logic

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This page provides links to the course material organized as traditional textbook chapters. The content of these chapters is identical to that in the lessons. It is optional and is provided solely for the convenience of those who prefer traditional textbook format to the hypercard format used on the Lessons page. Note that the Lessons page provides exercises and activities and extras that do not appear in the textbook chapters. It is okay to read the chapters instead of the hypercards, but be sure to go to the Lessons page to check out these additional features.

Chapter 1   - Introduction

Chapter 2   - Propositional Logic
Chapter 3   - Propositional Analysis
Chapter 4   - Direct Proofs
Chapter 5   - Natural Deduction
Chapter 6   - Resolution Proofs

Chapter 7   - Relational Logic
Chapter 8   - Relational Analysis
Chapter 9   - Model Checking
Chapter 10 - Fitch Proofs

Chapter 11 - Functional Logic
Chapter 12 - Fitch Proofs
Chapter 13 - Induction
Chapter 14 - Resolution Proofs

Chapter 15 - Conclusion


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